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Aug. 21, 2018, 3:10 p.m. UTC

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6,804,870,174 SNT
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6,804,870,174 SNT
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Investor warnings
  • You are selecting a fiat currency as reference. Except for the money supply, data regarding fiat currencies is very sparse. Transactions and amounts transacted can only be obtained on a year basis and not every year. In addition, their supply has a compounded growth. This leads to greater uncertainties that the responsible investor must take into account.

  • Fair values displayed in CoinFairValue do not cointain speculation and have been calculated with the following assumptions:
    • According to CFV theory, the velocity of money is driven by the individual's willingness to trade their savings for goods or services, which is believed to change over time. To account for this variable we are using a 1 year MA (Moving Average), filtering 2-sigma outliers. We are considering total discounted savings and not the current savings. The daily velocity of a currency based on total discounted savings is computed dividing the daily amounts transacted by the total discounted supply of the currency. If the investor wished to use a velocity based on current savings, they would just need to divide daily amounts transacted by the current supply instead. Be careful in the cases where a slow velocity of money is a consequence of a token issuer or company holding the majority of the currency supply. In these cases, one single person can change the overall velocity of the currency in an unpredictable instant.
    • We are assuming that when currencies settle on their niches, their baskets shift ratio will move slowly enough. Based on that assumption, we are using a 1 year MA (Moving Average) on their basket average value, filtering 2-sigma outliers. Keep in mind that small currencies can be subjected to large temporary changes in their baskets average value.
    • Transactions per day is the variable which has been observed to best correlate with the price movements. It order keep a balance between long term and short term investors, we have decided to use a 2 week EMA (Exponential Moving Average) of the transactions per day, filteirng 2-sigma outliers.
    • Do always analyse the charts and make you own research. Judge for yourself if the MA (Moving Average) or EMA (Exponential Moving Average) assumptions are the best ones in every case.

  • Causes for an increase in the price of a currency with respect to another currency:
    • A relative increase in its transactions per day with respect to the other currency (an increasing transactions ratio).
    • A relative decrease in its velocity (its users willingness to trade it) with respect to other currency (a decreasing velocity ratio).
    • A relative increase in its basket average value with respect to the other currency (an increasing basket shift ratio).
    • A relative decrease in its total discounted supply with respect to the other currency.

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